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The race is on….

July 10, 2009

To finish packing before we have to get the children from daycare and take them to Caleb and Melissa’s home for the next two weeks.  It’s been especially hard for Ginnie preparing to leave the children for two weeks, but she’s equally excited to see what awaits us in Kenya.  Oh, by the way did I mention that she agreed to go on this trip even though we’ll be on jet to Nairobi for our 12th anniversary (Sunday Jul 12)?  What a great woman I married!  I’m hoping the recommended safari in the Masai Mara Park helps make up for her sacrifice.

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  1. Tom Klein permalink
    July 11, 2009 10:05 am

    Aaron, blessings to you and your family as you leave for Tenwek (today, if I’m not mistaken). My family and I will be anxiously following your blog while you are at Tenwek Hospital. BTW, you’re stay at Mara Safari Club will be an anniversary you’ll never forget, and your experiences at Tenwek will be life-changing.

    Safe travels and may God bless your work there.


    • Aaron permalink*
      July 11, 2009 10:18 am

      Hey Tom! Thanks for checking out the blog! I can’t thank you enough for your blog which inspired this blog! Without your nice blog, I would have had nothing to make me want to learn how to set up a blog..thanks so much for you prayers!

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