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Overweight, rain delay and >400 hits!

July 11, 2009
Sitting at the gate...

Sitting at the gate...

And so it begins…the great adventure right?

We dropped off the kids last night with Caleb and Melissa, and after the expected adjustment difficulties for the kids and the parents  things are going well.  Our dear neighbor, Javier (Cico) brought us to the airport with plenty of time to take some pictures of us and our bags for our travel blog (1/2 of our bags  contain items for a Faith Church missionary in Nairobi and for missionaries in Tenewk) .

But of course, we have to have some humor to the day to remind us who is really in control! Check-in was smooth until we put our one personal bag on the scale–whoops 54 lbs (50 lbs is the limit)!  I have to thank my friend Jeremy for providing the bag which we desperately needed to pack our stuff for the trip.  But he was right, you can easy go over 50 lbs. with it.  We thought it is was an impossibility since there were only clothes and shoes in there…no heavy books etc., but I guess Ginnie’s hair dryer was the culprit (just kidding).  Even the bag designated for the missionaries with the prosthetic limbs, sheets and medical books teetered dangerously close to the limit (48 lbs).  However, the check-in agent was very sweet, and she let us go without paying for the extra weight.

Rain and thunder...

Rain and thunder...

You might ask where are those pictures our neighbor took of us with the bags?  Well, someone (not the owner of the hair dryer–thus that it was me) deleted the pictures!  At least I was able to take a picture of us at the gate to make up for it.

Continuing along with the humor aspect–the weather in Indy has been humid but sunny the whole week.  Today however, the thunder and rainy season notoriously famous in the midwest caught up with us. The flights going to/from Indy have been grounded due to the severe lightning storms.  Some planes make it in intermittently, but end up grounded on the runway until the lightning passes and the aircraft can safely taxi to the terminal.  One of Ginnie’s colleagues was scheduled on an earlier flight to Detroit, but we saw her back in the terminal after waiting 2 hours on the tarmac trying to leave Indy.  We fortunately have a several hour layover in Detroit before catching our international connection to Amsterdam, so hopefully we’ll have time to catch the connection.  Ha, ha now gate attendant is announcing some connection problems for earlier international flights.

Russ White (courtesy of Tom Klein)

Russ White (courtesy of Tom Klein)

Nonetheless, we count our blessings, and realize that lots of people are reading this blog (>400hits! as of today).  So this delay gives us a chance to update our blog.  If you click on the map icon on the right side of the blog you can see on the bigger map, that we have friends from our first church family in Washington reading our blog, as well as my sponsor Russ White in Kenya and Melissa’s mother in Arizona (remember Melissa the one watching our kids?).  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I have to admit it’s pretty awesome going from 84 hits 30 hours ago to >400 just through contacting our friends via Facebook and the email board at Faith Church.

We’ll get everyone posted on our progress as long s we’re in the US.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to post in Amsterdam, but after that we’ll see what happens.  We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

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