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Amsterdam (extended version)

July 13, 2009

Our 12th Wedding Anniversary in Amsterdam

It’s amazing how much smaller the world is with jet aircraft.  A mere 8 hours later, we’re six time zones ahead and in a distinctly European airport with a mall like feel.  Of course the one constant is McDonald’s which when we landed at 6 AM was serving Big Mac meals for breakfast!  Much to my astonishment, the majority of Europeans at the counter were ordered Big Macs despite the early hour.  Given the pancakes we had, maybe they were smarter than us.  The real highlight of the day was having a few hours to walk around, read an email from Melissa about our children, and celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.  It may sound funny, but the best gift for this anniversary was the opportunity to purchase a shower in the airport hotel which is located in the terminal.  I like the European tradition of being able to rent a day room if you’re in transit.  This was a first for me to see shower for rent.  But it was well worth the 30 Euros to have the chance to clean up and change clothes before the next leg of the trip.  Yes indeed we look a little tired but at least we’re still smiling.   We have been truly blessed with 12 years of marriage, and despite the hard work and challenges marriage requires, we recognize the God is soul sustainer of our marriage.  Only true love from God can overcome our inadequacies and critical view of our spouse.

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  1. Charity permalink
    July 13, 2009 8:12 pm

    A little late, but happy anniversary!

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