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Touchdown Detroit! Extended Version

July 13, 2009

I doubt I’ll be able to post pictures with the slower internet connection here at Tenwek, so you’ll have to forgive us for posting them later…maybe the Safari station will have faster access.  But we’re here safely with bags and all.

I’ll be posting the entries from the past two days today, but I’ll post the date at the start of each retrospective post.

Jul 11 Touchdown Detroit!

Unfortunately the words “Touchdown Detroit!” aren’t heard frequently for the beleaguered NFL Detroit Lions.  But that’s what I was thinking when we finally touched down in Detroit after a very rocky flight from Indianapolis.  Initially our itinerary called for a 4 hour layover in Detroit, but the inclement weather in the Middle West changed plans drastically.  Like Ginnie’s colleague that I mentioned in the previous post, we too sat on the airport tarmac for over an hour waiting for the lightning to clear the area so the ramp clears could push us back from the gate.  The flight thereafter was no picnic.  As we tried to climb above the weather, we hit some major turbulence in our rather small jet to the point where the flight attendant while securely strapped into to her sit was calling out instructions that I had never heard before in all my commercial and military flying.  To say the least, the plane was bucking pretty badly, and the majority of us were nauseated and holding on for dear life.  This flight was the first time flying for one poor lady at the head of the cabin.  Another young woman behind her was in tears.

But praise God, we made it safely to a now sunny Detroit although a little shaken.  Our four hour layover turned into a mad 20 minute dash between terminals to include grabbing food and a bathroom stop just before having to board the KLM flight for Amsterdam.

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