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Teaching and more teaching

July 23, 2009
Echo teaching

Echo teaching

This post is from yesterday (July 22, 2009) but the internet was incredibly slow yesterday and I gave up trying to update the blog. What follows was written yesterday.

There is Aaron the preacher during this trip who is accompanied by his wife the teacher.  Yesterday I (Ginnie) gave a lecture on murmurs.  I then gave two lectures today and have yet another one to give tomorrow.  I guess pediatric cardiology skills are in high demand.  Yesterday was a very long day for me with patients waiting until 7:30 PM to see me.  Today was a bit better, we finished at 6 pm.  However, today was a day of tears for me and Patty (the Kenyan medical resident who has been helping me).  We saw several children today whom we are unable to help.  The last baby of the day we were afraid was going to die on the  way home.  In these situations the only thing we have to offer the parents is prayer.  The parents today seemed most appreciative of our prayers.  The highlight of the day for me was watching Patty become an even better echocardiographer.

Why won't this phone work?

Why won't this phone work?

Aaron was busy in the OR today.  He is taking call tonight and is still at the hospital.  It is 11 PM here in Kenya.  He seems excited to be back using his clinical skills.  Life here in Tenwek is filled with its ups, downs and frustrations.  For example, the neurosurgeon trying to get the cell phone he was provided with here to up load minutes.  Meanwhile, the visiting orthopedic surgeon was surprised the neurosurgeon’s cell phone even turned on since his has  been dead since he arrived.  The visiting medicine doctor’s pager died yesterday and he had to get a new one.  That is how things are here.  Some things work and others do not.  It is all about being flexible.  One thing I find strange is that some of our patients do not have running water or electricity and smell like a campfire but they all seem to have cell phones and know of Barack Obama.

Our time here at Tenwek is coming to a close.  We have only one more working day left as we leave for Nairobi on Friday.  I believe we both have mixed feelings about our time coming to an end.  The two weeks have seemed to have gone quickly.  But, admittedly when I think of Noah and Esther I am ready to head home to be with our beautiful children.

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