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Humidity reigns!

May 1, 2010

I’ll try post a picture later. But sometimes words are best. Peter, Ginnie and I all made it safely to Accra with all our bags. PTL! It was great to see the sun despite the high humidity. Our driver Kofi met us at the airport (Ewe word for “Friday”–Ewe is the tribal dialect of the majority of the Togolese born in Southern Togo.) Of course, I had forgotten Kofi from 2005. I  guess I need to take more pictures of people this time. I did get rooked a little by the porters in the Ghanian airport–ha, ha even I can get tricked by the mobs despite my growing up in NYC. But no harm in losing a few Ghanian sedis ($ 1 USD = 1.4 sedis). The Southern Baptist Guest House is very nice. You pay for your A/C to fight the wicked humidity. But it’s almost 1730 here, and things are cooling off nicely while we sit watching Rugby on digital satellite. Ha, ha the TV connection here is better than the one I have in the states!

We’ll be off to the hospital in the morning. Looking forward to getting there! Thanks for your prayers and support! If you have questions or want to leave a comment please do!

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