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Pray for surgery–

May 5, 2010

And you get surgery. From a surgery standpoint, it’s been a busy two days. I have a trauma patient with an expanding retroperitoneal hematoma. He was hit by a “moto” (moped/small motorcyle) in the left flank and had blood in his urine. On u/s he has a growing fluid collection around his left kidney. His hematocrit has dropped 50% in the past 36 hours, I’m hoping he’ll stop soon as the retroperitoneum tamponades off the bleeing. Otherwise, this could be a very tricky problem to manage out here.

I had the privilege to do several hernias yesterday including a pediatric case which can always be challenging. We also did a hysterectomy for a woman with abnormal bleeding and pain. I was thinking there was actually a shortage compared to normal of emergencies—and lo and behold we had to perform two exploratory laparotomies. One in a very ill appearing gentleman who had bowel trapped in his scrotum for 7 days, and the other for a young woman with an extremely distended abdomen due to a large mass (turned out to be a large cystic adenoma that had ruptured from the right ovary). Fortunately both patients are doing well.

Ginnie and I continue to pick up whatever we need to do as the missionaries from all over Togo meet here for two days. It’s a blessing to be able to help where we can. Yesterday John who came in 2005 with me arrived in Togo to help. It’s great seem him again after almost 4 years. He’s a tremendously talented surgeon.

Today is Wednesday and the hospital usually takes a mid-week breather for ministry. We’re praying that we would be open to do what God would have us today. Certainly those one-on-one conversations with patients and hospital staff are unique moments that are important to pay attention to.

Our kids continue to do well with Yvonne and Cico. We’re so thankful for them and for your prayers and support.

Will try to post pics later today.

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  1. Steve Eisinger permalink
    May 5, 2010 11:05 am

    Hi Aaron & Ginnie,
    Your blogs are great and very thankful that God has sent you there in His timing to touch so many. I am praying for wisdom and His healing as you work today.
    Steve Eisinger

    • Aaron permalink*
      May 6, 2010 1:39 am

      Thanks Steve! We miss everyone at Faith greatly. But we are so grateful for your prayers!
      We look forward to seeing you in about two weeks…Blessings to you and Joan. Aaron & Ginnie

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