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Sunday–a nice rest day

May 9, 2010

The waterfall about an hour hike behind the hospital

I have to admit the past week of operating was tyring. On Friday we had another baby with an intussusception that went to the OR, a hernia repair, an exploratory surgery for a suspected pelvic mass, a very difficult chest surgery for a likely severe tuberculosis infection of the lung that had spread into the lung space, neck and back, and finally at 130 on Saturday we had baby that needed to be delivered by c-section. So it was great that no emergent cases came on the weekend.  Ginnie had time to go to the waterfall.

Nothing beats the pool!

We also celebrated Mother’s Day a little early but going into the market to buy some fabrics to have made into dresses and to buy some gifts for the kids and a few others at home. We ended the day with a nice meal at a local restaurant thanks to Michael and Cheryl Gayle who drove us around. It’s great to work with the American and Togolese staff again. I jokingly say that Michael’s twin brother is Russ (on the left in the picture). Russ is the pediatrician at the hospital. Ginnie is helping teach him cardiac echo.

Russ and Michael

The Togolese staff remain amazing. After having been to other mission hospitals, I can safely say that the Togolese are some of the hardest working and attentive nurses/aides I have worked with. To be a nurse here you will have graduated from the nursing school run by the missionaries. I’m sure that’s a big part in why they are so good. They share the gospel with the patients at every opportunity. Some may think this is coercive in nature, but the reality is the patients receive the same care irregardless. And frankly, knowing there is hope is something everyone needs to hear about.

David sharing the gospel with a patient

Today, Sunday was also a nice day to rest and attend the local church near the hospital. We also had a raucous game of waterpolo/basketball with the Cedarville nursing team that just arrived. The above picture of the pool was from a few days before. I wish I had some shots of today’s game it was a great time. Have to finish my preparation for tomorrow’s devotions for the staff now. Thanks for reading and praying for us!

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  1. Deno Rousopoulos permalink
    May 10, 2010 10:27 am

    Hi Ginnie,
    I met you at FEDEX/Kinkos as you were copying your newsletter. I saw the map of Africa and asked if it was a missions trip. You were kind enough to engage a stranger and I wanted you to know that I kept my promise and prayed for your safety and success. Glad all survived. Let me know about your next adventure and I’ll put it on out refrig where I meet the Lord for prayer and a snack.


    • Aaron permalink*
      May 11, 2010 3:22 pm

      Hi Deno–

      Thanks for posting on our blog and letting us know that you are praying for us! It’s amazing who you met at Kinkos.

      Lord bless Ginnie & Aaron

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