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Kid’s Club

May 12, 2010

This afternoon I (Ginnie) had the opportunity to participate in Kids club.  One of the missionaries devotes every Wednesday night to children’s ministry.  The word has spread and about 100 children “appear” on Wednesday afternoon for singing, games, teaching of the Gospel and Kool-Aid.  It was crazy to see all the children cram into one of the missionary’s living room for singing.  The group then split up by age for teaching.  They all came back together for Kool-Aid and snack.  Then it was off to “pick up” games of basketball, hockey and soccer.

Last night during hospital rounds Aaron and I had a long discussion with one of the patients regarding healthcare in Africa.  As you could imagine, the government hospitals have limited resources and many doctors are corrupt.  This patient was nearly pleading with Aaron to go start a hospital in a nearby country.  It is amazing to think of how God has blessed this hospital in Togo.  The hospital is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary in a few weeks.  The hospital has grown tremendously over this quarter of a decade.  The new OB ward is testimony to this growth.  The OB ward opened just a few months ago and the number of deliveries at the hospital has grown exponentially.  “If you build it, they will come.”  The pediatric unit has been full and overflowing into the other wards since I have been here.  Unfortunately, several of the pediatric admissions are for severe malaria.  But thankfully with God’s grace most of these children survive. Many of these children if they were brought in to the hospital a day later would have died at home.

Togolese Kitchen

We may think we are “toughing it” in the humid heat here at Togo.  But in comparison to how the Togolese people live we are living like royalty.  Many of the people here  live in compounds with no electricity.  Their “kitchen” is outdoors with a campfire.  In many of the villages the houses are made of mud with dirt floors and unclean water.  The hospital has safe drinking water which they have available for the locals for free.  Many people make trips to the hospital for water everyday.

Village house

Our time here is quickly coming to an end.  We have both very much enjoyed our visit here and are thankful we came.  I have enjoying getting to know the other missionaries and hearing all the amazing stories of how God provides.  Right now the ABWE (American Baptist World Evangelism) is fundraising and has started building a hospital in the northern region (sub-Saharan) of Togo.  This new hospital project is very exciting since the area of northern Togo has very limited resources and many people die needlessly secondary to lack of healthcare.  It is fantastic to see God at work all around us.

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