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Babies galore

May 13, 2010

Well today is technically a holiday in Togo and clinic was closed except for emergencies. We had no scheduled cases and ended up doing 5 cases by the end of the afternoon. It seemed like we had a run on C-sections (6 in the past 24 hours). These certainly aren’t the ordinary c-sections like in the states. The babies today were in some sort of distress or had serious meconium staining. Fortunately, the mothers are doing fine, but one baby has pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (it was a blessing that Ginnie was here to help with the diagnosis). It’s unclear if the baby will survive.

We also had a woman present in severe distress who ended up having a perforated duodenal ulcer. She’s doing much better now that here gastric contents aren’t leaking into her abdomen.

Tomorrow looks to be another big day with a full clinic and seven cases scheduled. It’s not the scheduled cases that are the problem, but the potential for lots of unscheduled urgent cases that make things challenging here. But still it’s great to help people in need. The Togolese are a very kind and generous people.  You could spend hours talking to them.

We’re looking forward to being home soon. Please pray that we can get all our medical gear back to the states safely. We’d had to lose any of this expensive gear. Thanks!

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