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Old friends and tea fields

March 13, 2011

Nandi Tea Fields

I am always amazed by the beauty of equatorial Africa. Living near the equator has this great benefit of 12 hours of sunlight a day! You can pretty much count on the sun coming up at 0630 and going down at 1830 everyday. And the weather ranges in the 60-80s all year round during the day. Rain and shine with no snow, I think a person could get used to this place. It’s great to not get up in the morning and go to work when it’s pitch-black.
We just got back from Tenwek today. It was a great trip visiting the Cropseys, McLaughlins (and their 4 day old son Ben), Carol Spears (career missionary surgeon), Agneta (a great surgery resident) and Patti (a great medical officer hopefully heading to family practice soon). We worked with Carol, Agneta and Patti in 2009 when we came to Tenewek. It was great to hear how they are all doing. There have been some changes at Tenwek. Some of the residents have moved on to better things and sadly were no longer there. The Cropseys and McLaughlins are friends of ours from medical school days (their blog link is in the lower right–McCropders). They are part of  a group of eight or so doctors heading to Burundi in a few years. They are all completing a two-year tour at Tenwek. They will then raise support and head out to Burundi where there is only one doctor in the entire country!
The drive to and from Tenwek was great. It’s amazing to see how green things were. We drove through Nandi which is primarily a tea growing region in Kenya. I won’t post more pictures of Tenwek since I have some older posts from 2009 showing Tenwek. It was great to talk with them and share our vision of cardiac surgery with them. We also got to on old acquaintance Steve, an ENT professor from Michigan who was visiting them as well. Of course, Ginnie was asked to see two patients on the ward as well.It’s hard to know where Ginnie & I are heading, but it was great to talk with others about the opportunities here.
On a humorous note, our driver Javan is also a body-builder who won Mr. Kenya three years in a row. Patti (Ginnie taught her echo in 2009) almost fainted when he flexed his guns for the picture. It was hysterical! Javan is a great man. He rescued over 200 people from the 2008 election riots and killings in Eldoret.

Noah and Esther sharing Strawberry Frappacino with Caleb

Noah appears to be doing okay based on the picture of him and Esther at Costco with Caleb. He kept telling Caleb that his non-caffienated strawberry Frappacino “is delicious”. We’ll see how drop-off goes at school tomorrow from him tomorrow.
On another note, our friend Micah continues have some set-backs on the ventilator and probably still has an infection. I’ve posted a picture below of them.Off to bed, it’s almost midnight.
Please pray for drop off for Noah at school tomorrow and for Micah and family.

Micah, Carrie and their kids

Gallery of photos

Mr. Kenya and Patti

Agneta, Patti and Ginnie

Church at Tenwek

Ginnie consulting at Tenwek

The Cropseys

The McLaughlins...

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