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Match Day 17 Mar 2011 in Kenya

March 20, 2011

Well if you are the crafty reader, you’ll realize that this blog is four days out of date. The internet has been shoddy at best at the IU House. In fact, the normal range of the internet has now been reduced from several buildings to about 50 ft sadly. That combined with the router being extremely slow to assign an IP (this is for the geeky people out there) has lead to the blog being severely neglected despite my best attempts.

If you want to see more pictures–I’ve just uploaded about 150 of them to Facebook.

Last Thursday 17 Mar 2011 was a big day in every fourth year medical student’s life. It’s the day that the US fourth year medical students receive the results of the match. Ginnie & I have been through three of our own already. But it’s still exciting to see the students finally receive the results of their hard work. They know now where they are going for their residencies. It’s an exciting time. Hard to believe that I will be matching again in June 2012 for cardiothoracic residency.

The students set-up a great up complete with a roasted goat (Kenyan delicacy if you recall from earlier posts). Unfortunately, the live stream of the announcement of the students’ names and assignments by live stream from Indianapolis did not happen, so they had to wait for someone to call them in Kenya. I called it an earlier night and went to bed early to prepare for our major OR day on Friday.


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