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Starting to say good-byes

April 7, 2011

Good-bye Dr. Lugaria

Sadly, it’s time to start saying good-byes here in Eldoret. Work is piling up at home, and I’m already planning for the next hurdles which include but are not limited to coming home, starting a busy university service, taking mock oral boards, loving on Ginnie and the kids etc.

As with all my prior trips, there won’t be time to debrief and decompress. In some ways this blog helps to provide some record of the events of each trip when I have time to come back and think about the possibilities of where we might serve after residency training is over.

I made some photo collages to give to the surgeons that I worked with here at MTRH. There are a good group of surgeons. In fact, I was amazing at how they were trying to help me determine and overcome the problems with an open heart facility here at MTRH. There were also sincerely interested in the possibilities of the link for training with South Africa. Once again, it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated these guys are to improving healthcare in SA.

Thanks Dr. Jumbi

I’ve tried to stay in town on the weekends to study. But I seem to manage to get involved with other things. One week was the trip to Tenwek, another the High Altitute Training Center, the next the SA trip, and this coming weekend I have a trip to Webuye. Webuye is about one hour out of town. Apparently, Profs Tenge and Otsyula run a huge primary clinic day that sees over 2000 patients in one day. So they are always looking for doctors even if it is a surgery resident like me who is far removed from primary care. I’ll be brining my stethoscope and definitely my camera.

I heard about this opportunity from Katherine, the administrative assistant in the MTRH Surgery Department Office. I was dropping off some pictures from my MacBook Air for the Profs when she told me about the opportunity. It will be good to go out to a district hospital. It always help to see the need in person. I’m sure there will be a lot of people there with HIV sadly.

On a humorous note, since my last two posts have been filled with gloom, the Mac vs. PC war occurs even here in Africa. Katherine was amazed by how light and slim my MacBook Air was. The pictures tell you which one she preferred. I hope I haven’t started a bad precedent for Matthews who often supplies laptops for the people here at the hospital. Ah, Apple how you cleverly or is it deviously lead people to desire your products.

The big PC or the slim Mac

The Mac wins

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  1. Rob Murphy permalink
    April 7, 2011 7:55 am


    I am glad to see that you have finally come around and are proudly wearing your orange and blue! I – L – L! I – N – I! GO ILLINI GO!

    Stay Safe!

    Rob Murphy

    • Aaron permalink*
      April 7, 2011 12:45 pm

      Tsk man sadly the shirt is actually dark purple. The color printer at the shop was set to print things too blue.

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