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Last major OR day/Webuye Clinic

April 10, 2011

Friday was my last major theatre day in Kenya prior to coming home. It’s sad to be getting ready to come, but there is lots to do on the other side. I’m looking forward to seeing the kids and Ginnie. I will miss my Kenyan colleagues here (such as Jumbi and Sabila pictured on the right). But as with all things, time marches on.

This last week was fun, because two fourth year students from IU were here. Both have matched into general surgery. So after getting the stamp of approval from the IU program at home, they were able to come on rounds with us on Thursday and come to the OR as well on Friday. On Thursday alone, I think they saw 15 different surgical diseases (soft tissue infection, diabetic feet, obstructive jaundice, pancreatic cancer, upper/lower GI bleeds, toxic thyroid, abdominal eviscerations, perforated typhoid, enterocutaneous fistula, etc etc). I think by the end of rounds, they were all a little shell shocked.

Saturday, I went to Misihku (near Webuye district hospital) to attend a primary health clinic run annually by Moi in conjunction with their grant from the Belgian government. Since 2008, the Belgian government has been conducting a demographic survey of part of the western Rift Valley. Both Tenge and Otsyula from the surgery department are two investigators on the grant. Strange to think of surgeon being involved with Burkitt’s Lymphoma and primary health demographics, but it’s good to see them have external funding. Too often, I think we perceive the US as the sole country interested in research, so it’s good to see other nations funding research.

Trying to wrap things up quickly. Praying for my dad’s surgery on Monday.

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